Allows admins to create custom test cases statuses that can be selected during a test run.  For example, a team may not feel the default statuses align with their current processes so they might create a new status to meet their needs.  QADeputy automatically provides the following default statuses:

  1. To Do
  2. In Progress
  3. Passed
  4. Failed
  5. Not Testing

Create a Custom Status:

  1. Navigate to Settings-->Test Case Statuses.
  2. Click "Create Custom Status"
  3. Give the status a name (i.e. Not Testing) and select a color code for the status.
  4. Choose whether the status should be considered "Is Complete" or not.  "Is Complete" determines whether or not the status is used to calculate the completion percentage of a test run.
  5. Optionally, provide a description.
  6. Click Save.  Once saved this status is now available for existing and future test runs.