Admins and Managers can add a new tester at any time. Testers have the most limited access within an account including the ability to add new test cases and update test runs for products to which they are assigned. An Admin or Manager must explicitly assign a tester to a product. The tester then inherits rights for all test plans in the assigned product(s).

To Create a Tester

1: Access Team Landing Page 

To create a new Tester, click on Team from the side navigation. *Please note that active team members can also be assigned a tester role through our quick editing feature found here.

2: Choose Create Team Member Option

From the Team page, click on the Create New Team Member button located toward the top, right side of the screen. 

3: Create New Team Member and Assign Role

On the Create New Team Member screen, choose "Tester" from the dropdown to assign new team member's role and enter the new user's required information. Please note: to assign multiple products, simply hold down the Control button and click on the products you wish to select. Once finished, hit Save. 

4: Confirm Team Member Addition

Once you've hit save, a green pop up screen will appear in the lower right corner indicating the Tester addition was successful.