QA Deputy has two-way integration that allows QA Deputy products to be mapped directly to Jira projects, allowing for testers to easily create bugs from within their QA Deputy account.  Additionally, from within QADeputy test runs users have the ability to retrieve the status of any bug submitted to Jira AND track the bug history over the lifetime of a test case.

*Once an account has been intergrated, the options to "Manage Jira" and "Disable Jira" will appear. 

*To generate a user API token for Jira cloud navigate to

To Integrate with Jira:

1. Access Integrations Page: Click on Integrations from either the Dashboard or the Left Navigation menu. 

2. Enable Jira: Click on the Enable button within the Jira box. 

3. Enter Jira credentials: Add your Jira URL, user name and token. Then click Enable.

4. Map fields and Projects:  QADeputy currently supports mapping a Sprint field and mapping QADeputy Test Suites to Jira projects.

5. Map Individual QADeputy users:  Once the Jira integration is enabled you can then map the Jira username and token to each QADeputy user.  When bugs are submitted to Jira from within QADeputy it will then default to the appropriate user submitting the bug.

Click here to learn more about Jira.