QA Deputy has a two-way integration with Runscope by Blazemeter. It allows QA Deputy test cases to be mapped directly to Runscope test cases. When a mapping occurs, QA Deputy users can then run the automation from within QA Deputy and the system automatically feeds the results from Runscope back into QA Deputy test runs.

To Integrate with Runscope:

1. Access Integrations Page: Click on Integrations from either the Dashboard or the Left Navigation menu. 

2. Enable Runscope: Click on the Enable button within the Runscope box. 

3. Confirm Runscope Integration: A popup screen will appear confirming you wish to enable Runscope. Click Enable.

4. Login/Create Runscope Account: Once you click Enable from the popup, you will be brought to the Runscope login page. Once you've logged in, QA Deputy will automatically integrate with your Runscope account.  

Click here to learn more about Runscope.