QA Deputy allows for an unlimited number of Test Suites. Both admins and managers can create a new test suite. 

To Create a New Test Suite

1: Access Test Suites Page

To create a new Test Suite, either click on Test Suites from the side navigation, or click on Test Suites from the dashboard. Both links will take you to the Test Suites landing page where you can create new test suites, as well as view active and archived test suites.

2: Choose Create New Test Suite

From the Test Suites page, choose Create New Test Suite from the top right corner. 

3: Create New Test Suite

A Create New Test Suite screen will appear. Enter the requested information including the test suite name and description, and assign applicable products to the suite from the dropdown menu. Note: products will automatically populate in the dropdown. To choose multiple products, simply hold down the control button and click on each product name. Hit save to create the test suite. 

4: Confirm Test Suite Addition

A pop up will appear in the bottom right corner indicating the test suite was successfully added. You can then find the new test suite as a line item within it's assigned product block.