Admins and Managers can archive team members at any time. Users that have been archived (any role) cannot login to the system and won’t count towards billed users.

To Archive a Team Member

1: Access Team Landing Page 

To archive a user, click on Team from the side navigation. 

2: Choose Team Member

Once on the Team Page, choose the applicable user's name from the list of Team Members. You may also use the search bar to quickly locate the user's name. 

3: Choose Archive Option 

On the far right side of the team member's name, click the archive box to remove the user.

4: Commit Archival

Once you've clicked on the archive box, a screen will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the chosen user. Of so, click yes. 

5: Confirmation

Once you've committed to archiving a team member, a green pop up will appear toward the lower right hand of your screen indicating that the deletion was successful.