QA Deputy allows for an unlimited number of users and features three hierarchical team member levels: Admins, Managers and Testers. 

Admins: Admins in QA Deputy have full access to the account including billing information. Only Admins can create other Admins. When a new Admin is created, the user will receive login information in their email. 

Managers: Managers are allowed to access everything in the account except billing and account configuration/settings screens. 

Testers: Testers have the most limited access. A Tester has the ability to add new test cases and update test runs for products to which they are assigned. An Admin or Manager must explicitly assign a tester to a product. The tester then inherits rights for all test plans in the assigned product(s).

All users can be archived and restored at any time. Archived users cannot login to the system and do not count towards billed users. Users can be archived and restored at any time.