Admins and Mangers can easily edit Test Cases in QA Deputy.

To Edit a Test Case

1: Access Test Suite Page

Either click on Products or Test Suites from the dashboard, or click Test Suites from the side navigation. All three options will bring you to the Test Suites landing page. 

2: Choose Test Suite

From the Test Suites landing page, find the applicable product and click on the test suite you wish to edit a test case from. 


3: Choose Relevant Test Feature

Expand the relevant Test Feature that has the desired Test Case you wish to edit. 

4: Choose Test Case

From the expanded display, find the Test Case you wish to edit and click on the edit box. 

5: Edit Test Case

Make the desired changes to the chosen Test Case and click Save.

6. Confirm Test Case Updated

A pop up screen will appear indicating that the Test Case has been updated and saved.