Users can email the status of specific test runs in QA Deputy. 

To Email Test Run Status

1. Access Test Runs

An overview of all active test runs is accessible directly from the dashboard (Screenshot A). Users can get a more detailed view of all active test runs by choosing Test Runs from the side navigation (Screenshot B). 

A. Dashboard Overview

B. Active Test Runs Page View


2. Choose Test Run to View

To view a specific test run, locate and click on the desired test run from either the Dashboard summary or the detailed Active Test Runs screen (accessible from the side navigation). 

3. Explore Individual Test Run

Individual Test Run pages feature vital data such as Test Features, Test Cases, time and completion percentages, status updates and automation statistics (Screenshot C). Test Run pages also provide quick access to perform key processes including adding test cases and features, duplicating test runs, executing integrations and the option to email the test run status to relevant users (Screenshot D).

C. Test Run View

D-1. Expand the hamburger menu and click email status.

D-2. Expanded Hamburger Menu.