Enabling the Webhooks integration in QADeputy allows you to send QADeputy events virtually anywhere you like!  If you have internal systems that you need to push data to Webhooks are a perfect fit.  

Another great way to take advantage of Webhooks is to push events to Zapier which can then forward the event to 1000's of destinations including:

  1. Microsoft Teams
  2. Basecamp
  3. Trello
  4. Redmine
  5. Pivotal Tracker
  6. Active Collab
  7. Azure Devops
  8. Fogbugz
  9. Github
  10. Gitlab
  11. Lighthouse

To Enable Webhooks:

1. Access Integrations Page: Click on Integrations from either the Dashboard or the Left Navigation menu. 

2.  Enable Webhooks.

3.  Next, click "Manage" Webhooks.

4.  On the Manage Webhooks screen you can toggle on/off certain events, configure the destination of your enabled Webhook, view sample payloads, and view the history of specific Webhook events.